Vassili le Moigne


Vassili le Moigne

Digital & Mobility Transformation expert, coach for startup minded people, avid golfer, fascinated by natural medicine

Coaching companies through the process of a Digital Transformation is what I love to do. When arriving on a web site, each user should see a unique web site based on the information a company has about that specific person and his/her bahaviour. I call it "1 user - 1 web" and it is fascinating what this can generate in terms of incremental business. My current projects are in the following field:

• International Pharmaceutical company - Pears Health Cyber (

• International Medical equipment company - Orthimo (

• Service & entertainment company - Albatross Golf Resort (

Coaching startup companies (internet, cosmetics) looking for a backbone of experience to lean on

Experimenting on my whole family & willing people the use of pre and probiotics to enhance our quality of life (loss of weight, gain of energy, enhanced immune system, better mood)

Playing golf twice a week in my favorite places: Albatross Golf Resort, Penati, Pisely, Mariánské Lázně, Berovice, Black Bridge, Ostravice, Hlouboka,...

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